Astrology for Better Life 9 19 September 2017

Men give me the cold shoulder: Venus harmonization

If men take no notice of you, you have trouble in building relationships, have problems in your personal life or you do not consider yourself attractive and worthy, perhaps you should go into the harmonization of Venus.

In the last article, we were talking about how to strengthen the moon in the horoscope in order to become affectionate, feminine, caring and loving. Today we will look at another feminine planet – Venus, which has a special type of femininity, at some point different from the moon’s.

Venus means passion, seduction, attraction, sexuality, popularity. Venus symbolizes a sense of taste and style, passion for art, talents. Venus is also in charge for family relationships, sensual love and well-being. If you have a strong Venus, you have an attractive appearance, graceful style, well-bred speech, you are successful and rich, men love you, you are generous and kind.

If the moon is the wife, then Venus is the mistress. It is necessary to balance the qualities of both planets, but today we will discuss how to harmonize Venus if it is weakened.

Venus harmonization: How to understand that you have a weakened Venus

  • Self-criticism (you are skeptical about your beauty and attractiveness, you consider yourself un-pretty, fat, etc.)
  • Maniacal desire to improve your appearance
  • Lack of taste and style in clothes
  • Rude language
  • Perversity and depravity
  • Selfishness and laziness
  • Depression and apathy
  • Bad relationships with women (conflicts with colleagues, lack of girlfriends)
  • Improper nutrition
  • Men ignore you
  • Your relationship with partner doesn’t seem to work

If you can relate with most of the above points, you urgently need to look out for yourself and begin to strengthen Venus.

How can I harmonize the Venus?

Learn to love yourself

This is the crucial component. The most important thing is to believe in yourself, to love yourself the way you are. This is not easy but possible. Remember that people perceive you the way you do. If you lack confidence in yourself and your beauty, if try to be unremarkable, if you never smile and you stopped taking care of yourself thinking that nothing will help you, nobody will notice you. Have you ever thought about why your friend is so lucky in love even though she has excessive weight and seems to be not so attractive in your opinion? People find her attractive, men run after her, worship her, but this is not the case for you.

The answer is simple – your friend is confident in herself and her beauty, she positions herself as an attractive woman, desired and beautiful. And this is exactly how other people see her. Remember that the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the main thing is to truly believe in yourself and  this will be definitely reflected outside. Just imagine how many points of a weak Venus will immediately disappear, once you learn to love and appreciate yourself: you will consider yourself attractive and forget about how to improve your appearance, men will notice you; you will stop worrying and get rid of depression and bad mood.

Develop a sense of taste

If you are sure that you have no sense of taste, don’t worry, this is just a skill that you can acquire. Start watching webinars, beauty bloggers videos, take courses to improve your style. Ask advice from those who know how to dress well. Go through you wardrobe. Colors of Venus are pink, white, ivory, blue. Get a perfume with the scent of jasmine, lotus or vanilla. Try to always look neat and fresh. Watch videos on how to always look good. Go to exhibitions and galleries, watch films devoted to art. Develop a sense of beauty and sophistication.  Work on your manner of speaking. You can attend elocution courses.

Learn how to show love towards people

Be kind and forgiving to others. Help other women gaining femininity and confidence. Learn to build relationships based on love instead of affection. Help homeless animals, feed the birds, give clothes and food to charity. Spend time with children. Have guests at your house, treat them with dishes that you cooked yourself. Try not to expect anything from others, learn how to be unselfish.

Other tips to enhance Venus

  • Eat more fresh fruit.
  • Raise home plants with large flowers
  • Get enough sleep
  • Chase out negative thoughts, try to always be in a good mood and filled with happiness
  • Read the Venus mantra on Fridays (Om Shukraya Namaha 108 times)
  • Wear a stone of Venus – diamond or white coral, framed in silver. Read more about the stones in this article.
  • Fast on Fridays
  • Enroll in vocal, art of cooking courses.

We wish you a strong Venus and hapiness!

9 thoughts on “Men give me the cold shoulder: Venus harmonization

  1. Инесса says:

    Если Венера в изгнании ее тоже можно укреплять?

  2. Govinda says:

    Скажите пожалуйста, если Венера ретроградная , то все перечисленное тоже к ней относится?
    Пост по пятницам поможет Венере?

  3. Татьяна says:

    Сожженая Венера и у мужчин есть, а здесь акцент сделали для женщин. А что же делать мужчинам, если сожжена Венера?

    1. Это дает нерешительность, неуверенность,когда мужчина выбирает женщину. В человеке много сомнений. Его нужно мотивировать и придавать уверенность в себе

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